The 11+ Pass Club is for pupils ready to work hard to secure a coveted place in their chosen grammar or selective private school. Our unique approach to teaching and passion to see each child achieve their full potential makes us different. We teach, we equip, we motivate and we ensure children enjoy the learning process. Our aim is not only to see our pupils pass but be selected!

Classes are based at either in Purley or Wallington on Saturdays from 10.00am to 1.00pm. 

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Our Mission
  • 11+ Verbal Reasoning made easy
  • 11+ Non VR made easy
  • 11+ Maths made easy
  • 11+ English made easy
  • 11+ Vocabulary made easy
  • 11+ Comprehension made easy
  • 11+ Creative writing made easy
 Specialist subjects
Grammar Schools 

We aim for:
  • Higher standards of tuition
  • Higher ability levels
  • Higher marks achieved
  • Higher numbers gaining places
....we simply aim higher!
Top quality, affordable 11+ tuition!
Tutoring for excellence and selection. Success matters!

11+ Mock Tests
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Covers all key techniques
  • Excellent for 11+ pupils
 Comprehension Masterclass

for an independent assessment.
1. Is your child ready for the 11+ exams?
2. Is your tutor on target?
3. Do you know your child's weak areas?
Find out...get your child assessed now!

10+/11+ Assessments
  • Separate results for girls
  • Separate results for boys
  • Detailed feedback provided
  • Runs monthly